Developmatrix, a woman-led social venture, is a variable of change, propagating sustainability and bringing positivity to organisations. We look at an array of innovative ideas to bring about change in business as well as community mindset, using technology and innovative marketing communication tools.​

Developmatrix has been started by Latha Sankarnarayan, who has been among the early entrepreneurs in sustainability consulting, with over 16 years of strategising and implementing sustainability & CSR projects across 15 industry sectors; and diverse segments of businesses & organisations. 


Climatix for Climate Resilience

We enable organisations to mitigate their environmental, social & economical impacts.

- Reporting - GRI, UNGC, NVG

- Carbon Footprint

- Sustainability Assessment

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Resilient Solutions



Collaborate. Participate. Co-create.

Eco-CSR and Social Change

​​Institutionalising CSR with long-term sustainable value for both the business & community.

- CSR policy: Sec 135 (CSR Rules) & UN SDGs

- Initiatives: Eco-CSR & Social Change

- Baseline, Impact Assessment



Social EcopreneurShip

As a social venture, our model aims to evolving and being dynamic by innovating sustainably and creating social change. ​

A unique model that we call 'The Development Matrix': as a social entrepreneurship, a collaborator, a consultancy and a solution enhancer.

We believe in leaving the jargon out by delivering customised and innovative solutions that are sustainable and inclusive. 

About Us

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Sustainability, Carbon Footprint

Through our eco-tour project, we aim to bring citizens closer to nature and recognise our unique heritage. ​Our objective is to create awareness as well as enable appreciation and love of nature. For corporates, we aim to connect employees with sustainability ​through
​eco-engagement, study/research tours, Social tours.


Climatix, a web app, aims to make climate smart citizens for smart climate resilient regions. 

- Aggregates information on climatic events

- The information is dispersed to the community    through interactive workshops, nature trails.

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Out with Complexity.
In with Simplicity!

No complexity. Your CSR strategy
​made simple and sustainable.

Sustainability Advisory
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